Necessary Fire

I believe it is time for the altar of our God to be repaired.  The altar represented the place of full surrender and allegiance to God.  It was the centrepiece of the children of Israel’s worship and the place that God met the sacrifice with fire.

Repair and restoration is one of the fundamental elements of revival.  We must not sacrifice authenticity in search of contemporary cultural relevance.

Like Elijah, in his confrontation with the prophets of Baal, we must repair the altar of the Lord if we believe that the fire is necessary.  The generations who knew God and had seen His fire did not pass it on to the generations that followed.

Let the fire come down once again and set ablaze the altars of men’s hears. May we be keepers of the flame for generations to come.

The God who answers by fire….HE IS GOD!


The Divine Pursuit

In her book, The Divine Pursuit, Apostle Shirley Arnold lays out a specific strategy on how to pursue the thing in our lives that we all want more of, His Glory!

This Woman of God is very capable of writing on this topic because of the pursuit of her life. A meeting in, or with Apostle Shirley, is sure to reveal the Glory of God that is almost tangible.

I have witnessed first-hand, the miracles, signs, wonders, deliverances, and the Words of Knowledge that have poured from this anointed vessel of God. As one of the foremost ‘carriers’ of the Glory of God for this generation, Apostle Shirley Arnold deliveries a powerful revelation on this subject because she has lived it and continues to live it. This book will encourage your own pursuit of His Glory.

-Pastor Judy Jacobs, Co-Pastor of Dwelling Place Church International / Recording Artist / Author I/Song Writer I/Mentor

The Divine Pursuit


Woman! God’s Original Intent

 A woman’s place in society and the church has been hotly debated for centuries. Previous generations interpreted scripture to support the now common beliefs that women should serve the Lord solely in supportive and background roles. Submission was taught as a special privilege for females while leadership and authority was the privilege afforded men. This dichotomy has served to divide many Godly people in their pursuit for a Biblical point of view. However, upon closer examination of the scriptures and early church history, there seems to be very little confusion.

 lf you desire to understand the true freedom being offered in the scripture, and to step into a Biblical understanding of this freedom, then join Dr. Arnold on this journey of discovering God’s original purpose and design in creation.

Woman! God’s Original Intent


I Turned to See His Voice

“Then I turned to see the voice the spoke with me…” Revelation 1:12

When John, a disciple of Jesus Christ, was confronted with the voice of the Lord, he couldn’t help but want more. Hearing God wasn’t enough. He wanted to experience Him fully, so he turned to see God’s voice. Perhaps John’s response was born out of the same desperate hunger you and I share for “more.”

  • Do you want to experience more of God?
  • Are you ready to move to the next level with God?
  • Are you yearning for the “real thing”?

Then with John, turn now to see God’s voice!